• Yeah, these are the food scissors your friends were telling you about.



    quickly turn your

    child's favorite foods

    into easy-to-eat tiny bites

    cut meal prep time in half,

    at home & on the go

    effortlessly transition

    your baby to table food

  • award-winning portable kitchen scissors

    Winner - The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval & The Mom Choice Awards

    Eliminate Dangerous

    Choking Hazards

    • On-blade ruler allows you to measure each bite of food (The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends foods that are known choking hazards be cut into half inch bites)
    • Ensure safe consumption size
    • Instantly turn choking hazards into safe, tiny pieces for older infants and toddlers

    Cut Meal Prep

    Time in Half

    • Eliminates the need for a knife and a cutting board
    • Quickly and efficiently cut your kid's food, at home and on the go
    • Easily turn any food into easy-to-hold finger food or easy-to-eat strips and bites
    • Create edible masterpieces and fun shapes to engage picky eaters

    Unique Features

    and Benefits

    • Cutlery-grade stainless steel blades
    • On-blade ruler 
    • Lead-free blades
    • Child-proof protective blade cover
    • BPA-free plastic handles
    • Comfort spring provides extra support through thicker foods
    • Totally portable - great for parties, the beach, camping, boating, picnics
  • for families of all ages

    More than one million sold worldwide


    Transition babies to table food and allow them to develop their fine motor skills by encouraging them to self feed safe, easy-to-eat bites.


    Engage picky eaters, especially when loose teeth makes biting difficult. Cut off the crusts, create fun shapes and strips.

    Tweens & Teens

    Kids with braces or retainers can't bite into certain foods so they need bite size pieces of food to avoid a dental catastrophe.

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    Transitioning to Table Food

    We are in the process of transitioning our daughter from baby food to "real" food. I've been so nervous about the size of the food I give her but now that I have Tiny Bites Food Shears, it makes the job of cutting food into teeny tiny pieces so much easier! I love the ruler on the blade so I can measure each bite. Definitely a must have for every utensil drawer and diaper bag!

    Always On the Go

    Tiny Bites Food Shears are the perfect way to cut up my toddler's food. They are so much faster and easier to use than a knife, especially with all my son's favorite foods such as noodles, chicken, string beans, broccoli. And I especially love that they are portable and have a child-proof blade cover so they can come with us anywhere.

    Busy Family of Five

    With three young children under 5 years old, Tiny Bites Food Shears have been a lifesaver!! It is so much easier to cut food than with knives; it saves us so much time and it feels safer too!! We keep one set at home and another in our diaper bag so we always have a pair with us when we are out and about!

    Makes Life Easier

    The great thing about Tiny Bites Food Shears is no more cutting board! No more knives! The food cut so quickly and it's also easy to create fun shapes! It's also BPA free and each one has a protective blade cover so you can throw in the diaper bag or purse for eating out. (Wouldn't it be great if restaurants carried these?!)

    Multi-Generational Favorite

    Love Tiny Bites Food Shears! They're sharp enough to cut meat and vegetables quickly. I also appreciate the safety covers. I keep them in my purse to cut food, not only for my grandkids but also for my elderly father; and for myself, when necessary.

    Pet Parent Friendly

    Preparing home made meals for our dogs is so much easier with Tiny Bites Food Shears! We love how easy it is to prepare their meals and we can't believe how much time it saves us when we cut up their carrots, apples and grilled chicken.

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