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Food in Disguise

Kids eat more if food looks fun to eat

As parents of young children, we have ALL had our shares of meal time angst and nightly dinner table battles.

"I am NOT hungry" (translation: "I want a snack instead")

"I am too tired to eat" (translation: "Mommy, can you come play with me")

"I don't feel like eating" (translation: "I only want to eat the exact same thing I have eaten for the last 3 days")

For a parent, meal time angst is very real and can make you dread meal times with your child.

If any of those common kid whines sound familiar, Tiny Bites Food Shears has a fun concept for you to explore.

Drumroll, please. 

Present them with food that looks totally different from what they are used to seeing.

We call it, "food in disguise".

Here are some of our favorite tried-and-tested kid favorites.

Cheese Bag (for the kid who loves to snack)

  • Cut up a prepared grilled cheese sandwich into tiny bites 
  • Place bites in a bowl or once the bites have cooled down, stick them in a Ziploc bag

Pasta Bling Rings (for the glam diva who can't sit still)

  • Cut up cooked penne or rigatoni pasta into little 1/4" “rings” 
  • Let the kids “wear” and eat off their fingers

Hot Dog Octopus (for the kid who loves to explore)

  • Cut hot dog in half length-wise, leaving about 1" intact at the end.
  • Cut each of the long sections in half (lengthwise), then in half again (these are the legs)
  • Boil until legs' curl up and hot dog is totally cooked through

Apple Fries (for the kid who only eats white food)

  • Slice up an apple and then cut the slices into thin strips
  • Place “apple fries” on a plate with some strawberry yogurt “ketchup” for dipping 

Ice Cream Waffle Cone (for the kid who only wants dessert)

  • Cut a banana into little slices
  • Cut up a cooked waffle into a large triangle and place on the lower section of plate
  • Place banana slices above the waffle - assembling it like ice cream
  • Top off with a cherry or strawberry 
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