• Turn Any Food Into Safe Bites, Fun Shapes & Finger Food

    Make Meal Time Safe, Fun & Easy for Everyone


    The Cutting Edge Way

    to Safely & Easily Cut Food

    at Home and On the Go


  • Award-Winning Portable Kitchen Scissors

    More than one million sold all around the world!

  • Tiny Bites Food Shears

    Eliminate dangerous

    choking hazards

    • On-blade ruler allows you to measure each bite of food (The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends food be cut into half inch bites)
    • Ensure safe consumption size
    • Instantly turn choking hazards into safe, tiny pieces for older infants and toddlers

    Cut meal prep time

    in half

    • Much easier than using a knife and a cutting board
    • Quickly cut your kid's food, at home and on the go
    • Easily turn anything into finger foods or edible masterpieces
    • Create easy-to-eat strips and fun shapes

    Unique features and


    • Cutlery-grade stainless steel blades
    • On-blade ruler 
    • Lead-free blades
    • Child-proof protective blade cover
    • BPA-free plastic handles
    • Comfort spring provides extra support through thicker foods
    • Dishwasher-safe
    • Totally portable - great for the beach, camping, boating, picnics
  • $10.99 for a Set of Two

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  • For Families of ALL Ages

    Tiny Bites Food Shears will grow with your family

    Older Infants

    Allow them to develop their fine motor skills by encouraging them to self feed safe, easy-to-eat bites and finger foods. 

    Toddlers & Young Kids

    Engage picky eaters, especially when a loose tooth makes biting difficult. Cut off the crusts, create fun shapes and strips.

    Tweens & Teens

    Kids who have braces can't bite into certain foods so they need to cut their food to avoid a dental catastrophe.

  • Parent Soundbites

    From the mouths of parents 

    "On the go"

    I was looking for a pair of food grade scissors with a protective cover that I could take along with me to help cut up my toddler's food. It's so much faster and easier to use a scissor than a knife especially with foods such as noodles, meats, string beans, broccoli, etc. These scissors fit my need.

    "Perfect food scissors for toddlers"

    My 13 month old son has been on homemade solid foods for 6 months now. I wish I had found these scissors sooner! I have been using them for about a month now. They are still extremely sharp and easy to maintain. I like that they come with a protective sheath. It makes the scissors easier to travel with. I highly recommend these!!

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  • A Little Bite About Us

    Here's our story

    This is Griffin

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children younger than 4 years old should not be served round, firm foods unless they have been cut into half inch pieces that cannot become lodged in a child’s airway.


    When this handsome boy was 10 months old, I was always concerned about choking hazards and feeding my first-born "real" food. I used to bite into grapes to create tiny bites to feed him. Totally gross, I know, but how else are you supposed to cut grapes into teeny pieces without cutting off your fingers with a knife?

    This is Reese

    Being a self-professed scissor enthusiast, I turned to my reliable kitchen scissors to cut up his food. They were way too big and bulky to travel with me to pizza places and playdates so I started using cute and colorful Ikea office scissors. All was great until the day I tried a piece of Griff's grilled cheese, horrified to find it had a metallic aftertaste. 


    Immediately realizing there was no product that addressed the needs of easily, safely and quickly cutting up food for children, particularly on the go, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create our dream product, Tiny Bites Food Shears. I was pregnant with this little beauty but I was fueled by passion, determination and a whole lot of nausea.

    This is Griffin & Reese

    We designed them with features we knew would resonate with parents. Compact and safe for travel with a child-proof protective blade cover so you can easily throw them in your bag or pocket. Sharp enough to easily cut through all types of food. And smart and innovative, providing a unique one inch ruler on the blade delivering peace of mind to parents who wanted to ensure safe consumption size. 


    We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed designing them for you. 

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