Making Meal Time Safe & Fun for Everyone...

Ensure SAFE consumption size,

Engage PICKY eaters,

Cut meal prep time in HALF



Portable kitchen scissors
designed by parents for parents, to cut kids food at home or on the go

Winner of The National Parents Center - Seal of Approval - 2010
Winner of The Mom's Choice Awards - 2010

Create perfect bite-sized pieces Easy-to-eat strips Fun shapes and letters

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$9.99 for set of two

plus FREE ground shipping in the U.S.

Remember, Kids Eat More if Food is Easier to Eat!

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'cakes and 'berries
Bagel and cream cheese


Cutlery-grade stainless steel blades

Child-proof protective blade cover

Sold two in a package

For home and on the go

On-blade inch ruler Dishwasher-safe

Creates perfect bite-sized pieces

BPA-free Lead-free

Created by parents for parents


Bling Rings up close

"I felt compelled to tell you how much we love our Tiny Bites Food Shears. My nanny happened to comment that they are the 'best gadget you ever got'. I was a little skeptical at first (I mean, why can't we just use a knife and fork like anyone else) HOWEVER, they are the absolute best. We use them to cut everything from pineapple to pizza snacks and they save so much time and work like a charm. I also love that you get two so I keep one in my diaper bag." Emily, mom of 1



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